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Silly New Year’s Traditions.

During my childhood, we would spend our Christmas and New Year’s over and my Grandmother’s down in Mexico. It was a shitty dirt town in Sonora where my main source of Entertainment was “See if the manual meat-grinder will grind this” and “Count the flies in the Outhouse.” 

Of course now it’s a bit more modernized with even a casino nearby, but back in the day, the biggest warehouse was the old Pepsi Factory. 

Back then, Unable to drink anything harder than “Sidra” or Sparkling Grape Juice,” (unless my aunts/uncles were feeling generous) I would always get amused by the elders in my tribe family running about and Doing their New Year’s traditions, hoping that this year, their luck was better than the last.

Some of the traditions were as follows:

Sometimes the parties would last until 3 in the morning, which really sucked as our grandmother would ensure we followed her own favorite tradition. 8am Morning Mass. OTL

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